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The increasing competition, the fast technological change and the market globalization have made mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures normal methods for companies to grow. We work with organizations and private equity firms to identify opportunities which bring a real added value.

In this environment, corporative financial matters reach a greater level of importance. They are no longer independent agreements, but they belong to a corporative strategy. Planning such deals and their potential evaluation, means a greater challenge, for both companies and consultants.

To give our clients all the support they need in this new environment, we have come out with a full process associated with acquisitions/ joint ventures/ mergers, including strategy development, company validation for mergers, acquisitions or spin offs, as well as active support on acquisition negotiations or assistance on integration strategy. That way we combine financial strategy and organizational aspects.

Corporate Finance

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures strategic analysis.

Selection and validation of companies to be acquired.

Active support in negotiations.

Post merger integration strategy.

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